95 gallon Single Wall Slip Tank*

Designed to meet your fuel transportation needs. Features of our single wall slip tank include:

  • 95 gallon (431 litre) capacity
  • Constructed from 12 gauge P&O steel for durability
  • Powder coated finish Enviroslip Green
  • 46"long x 30"wide x 22" high
  • 2 lifting lugs at the top of the tank for easy installation
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Available options include Tie Down Cables, Check Valve Assemblies and Pressure Relief Vent Caps
*these tanks are not certified and are recommended for the transportation of diesel fuel only

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Enviroslip is dedicated to providing a superior slip/fuel tank by using superior steel, enhanced welding techniques and pressed steel manufacturing processes

We are ISO Certified - www.iso-certification.com


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