Oct 25, 2015

Enviroslip adds more Marketing strength to our Team

Responding to on-going inquiries for an addition of a single wall slip tank to our line up of double wall tanks, Enviroslip has launched a new 95 gal non-certified slip tank.

Based on our unique double wall design, this new tank offers great reliability, strength and convenience to users looking to transport smaller quantities of diesel fuel. The tanks are shorter than other slip tanks on the market affording better rear view visibility and the design reduces the possibility of the weld seams fracturing from vehicle vibrations. Ideal for smaller applications and lighter fuel loads the 12 gauge P&O steel assures durability and the green powder coated finish will keep the tank looking new and fresh well into the future. And, like all Enviroslip Tanks, these units are warehoused and ready for immediate delivery.

Available October 1, 2015, any of our dealers will be happy to help you find the tank that is best suited for your needs. Or, you can call Enviroslip Manufacturing direct at 250-769-4605.


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Enviroslip is dedicated to providing a superior slip tank (IBC) by using superior steel, enhanced welding techniques and pressed steel manufacturing processes.

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